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How much to wear underwear outside of your pants at work for a year!? How much to spend time in a Mexican prison? How much to smash your face in the wedding cake?
The game with endless hilarious possibilities! play it over and over--and it never gets old!

How To Play!

"No Freakin' Way!" is a hilarious game where you discover just how well you know your friends and relatives. You'll be surprised at what they'll do for a buck! A player is presented with a crazy scenario, then the other players at the table can add to the scenario, making it even crazier. Then the original player must decide just how much--or how little--it would take to perform the challenge. All other players try to guess the amount the original player has chosen—using poker-like chips valued from one dollar all the way to "No Freakin' Way!" Everyone reveals their best guess the same time. (See picture to the left). Those who guess correctly, get tokens. The player with the most tokens at the end is the winner.

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